Lauren Conrad Is House Hunting

August 28, 2008 By:
Lauren Conrad Is House Hunting

Lauren Conrad's neighbors will be thrilled to learn that she's going to look for a new pad to call home as soon as 'The Hills' wraps up.

Lauren is apparently tired of the tour buses, tourists and paparazzi's that chill outside her home on a daily basis.

Lauren tells E!, Lo [Lauren Bosworth] was walking down the street one day and they were like, 'Here on the left we have a celebrity dog walker walking Chloe.' They knew my dog's name and Lo was like, 'They just called me a celebrity dog walker!' "

So where is Lauren house hunting? "I would love to return to Orange County," she says. "L.A. is a really young city and it's great for now, but eventually I'm going to want to settle down a little bit."

Considering the fact that she’s getting $75K per episode now, that’s more than enough mullah to buy a swanky home in the OC and in LA.