Lauren Conrad Has No Opinion About Heidi and Spencer Wedding

December 16, 2008 By:
Lauren Conrad Has No Opinion About Heidi and Spencer Wedding

When Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt "secretly eloped" just about everyone had an opinion about their union.

We heard from her mother, her her sister Holly, and her co-stars. But the only person who has stayed mum about the nuptials is former friend Lauren Conrad...until now that is.

Hollyscoop caught up with “The Hills” star at the opening of the new D&G store on Robertson Blvd to get her thoughts on Speidi's wedding. “No thoughts," said Lauren. "I don’t think any good has come out of me having an opinion on their relationship. We’ll keep it at that," she joked.

Lauren's no stranger to losing friends. It seems like every season of 'The Hills' revolves around the drama of losing a bff, which reminds us, what's going on with her and Audrina Patridge?

“We’re great," said Lauren. "As always, we're both so busy. But we talk at least once a week and try to get together as much as we can.” We're assuming she meant get together for the cameras.

In regards to all the negative media attention surrounding her life, Lauren told Hollyscoop, “It does kind of [bother me] but , the media takes it and always makes it such a big deal- I think we’ve gone through it a few times so we just have to shut it out.”

Looks like Lauren's going to have to shut out the negative press for a little while longer, now that The Hills has been renewed for another season. . She's already lost Heidi and Audrina as a bff, so it must be Lo's season to get the boot. Just a thought.