Lauren Conrad Goes Topless, Talks Body Hang-Ups

April 2, 2012 By:
Lauren Conrad Goes Topless, Talks Body Hang-Ups

America’s best friend, Lauren Conrad, decided to take off her top for Glamour magazine’s May issue.

And despite not being afraid to show off some side boob, Lauren says she’s got a handful of body hang-ups, stemming from an unflattering paparazzi session in Mexico years back.

“It was really nasty,” Lauren told Glamour. “I took it very personally, and I have not [been comfortable] in a bathing suit in Los Angeles for years because of it.”

Personally, I have no idea what she’s talking about. But based on her Glamour cover, she’s got nothing to worry about. Lauren wears nothing but loose waves and a pair of white bottoms. I don’t know many women who can pull off a pseudo-diaper, but Lauren Conrad is definitely one of them.

But Lauren says her occasional lack of self-assurance isn’t abnormal.

"I have not met a woman who would not be at all unsure of themselves,” Lauren tells the mag. “You just have to focus on the positive things."

Those positive things include her friends, whom Lauren says “are everything.” In particular, she talks about her The Hills costars Lo Bosworth and Whitney Port:

“Lo and I had a strong enough friendship that we understood this was our job, and sometimes it was going to be silly, but at the end of the day, we loved each other,” L.C. said.

“Whitney is a very understanding, levelheaded person, which is rare. So I never had a fight with her—but I did with everyone else on that show, about everything.”