Lauren Conrad Disturbing The Peace

August 15, 2008 By:
Lauren Conrad Disturbing The Peace

Those Hills girls can be a rowdy bunch! Earlier in week Lauren Conrad was on Ryan Seacrest’s Morning Show on KIIS FM where she talked about the fact that her house has become a hot spot for tour buses, which stop by "between 15 and 20 times a day — with speakers!"

Seems like the tour buses are not the only ones disturbing the peace. According to Pussycat Doll creator Robin Antin, Lauren and the girls are a really rowdy bunch.

All I know is that they get really noisy, when you live on a really nice quiet street, my brother Steve is really private, likes his privacy, likes to go to sleep at a decent hour,” Antin tells Hollyscoop at the grand opening of the Apple Lounge on Robertson Blvd. “He works really hard he’s an amazing director and amazing writer and he’s an executive producer on our TV show…he needs his beauty sleep,” adds Antin.

Robin’s brother who is an executive producer for Pussycat Dolls Presents is next-door neighbors with Lauren Conrad and the girls and it’s safe to he’s had enough.

The girls must have been so noisy that Steve Antin couldn’t handle it. Robin continued, “There were nights that sleep was not an option. I get it! He’s going to say what he’s got to say. They made a really big deal about it. It is what it is. He’s been living there so long it is kind of unfair. I am sure she gets it”

The tourists are there 15-20 times a day and the neighbors don’t really enjoy the girl’s presence. Seems like Lauren might wanna consider moving after the Hills is completely done.

Host: Brian Corsetti