Lauren And Audrina Say Things Are Fine Between Them

June 6, 2008 By:
Lauren And Audrina Say Things Are Fine Between Them

There's been a lot of speculation regarding the strain Lo may have put on Lauren and Audrina's relationship. The girls have been distant lately, showing up separately to events, like they did last night at the opening of Strike bowling alley in Orange County. But the girls all say they're trying to work through it.

Lo told reporters last night, "Honestly I think that Lauren and I have been making a sincere effort to reach out to her. I feel like we're all kind of in a dark place right now."

As for Audrina, she said, "We're just trying to work it and see what happens. We're all so busy now and going in different directions. Drama does happen and it doesn't mean you don't have to stop being friends. You can still be friends but just not be together all the time."

Audrina is still living in the guest house with Lauren and Lo, so that's got to be a little awkward don't ya think? Or this is all just a set up by MTV to add some drama to the show.