Heidi's Sister Steps Out With LC's Ex

September 4, 2008 By:
Heidi's Sister Steps Out With LC's Ex

Creepy love triangle alert! Lauren just dumped poor Doug (who happens to be hot Doug with an amazing house) on this week's episode of the Hills.

The show was taped a few months ago, so we know he has had plenty of time to move on. Heidi's hot sister Holly stepped out with Doug for
an event by EA Sports Freestyle FaceBreaker last night. But the two insist they were just there as
friends. Holly told Us Magazine, "We are just, ya know, hanging out."

And Doug echoed her statement, saying, "There are no romantic sparks. She is a great girl. We just came out here. I am a gamer."

Ouch. A gamer, huh? Maybe that's why Lauren dumped him. We'll have to keep our eye on these two. And we're sure Lauren is too.