A Celebration of Lauren Conrad’s Alleged Basicness

July 22, 2014 By:
A Celebration of Lauren Conrad’s Alleged Basicness
Image By: WireImage / Stefanie Keenan

Shots were fired all around the world of women’s lifestyle media when Allure magazine branded Lauren Conrad—excuse us, THE Lauren Conrad—a “basic.”

Prior to publishing the spread, titled “Beauty & the Beat,” Lauren tweeted that yeah, homegurl saw the shade.


Using Allure’s super scientific metrics of basic-ness, we’re hovering a microscope over each alleged characteristic to show that it’s really not soooo bad to be basic. Or, if Lauren is in fact basic, she makes it look damn good.


1. Hairstyle: “Blowout or sausage curls”

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We’re confused. Who doesn’t want good, clean, fresh hair? Something that adds a little bounce to your step? Probably someone who isn’t basic?


2. Jeans: “Skinnies”


Lauren knows her body type and what flatters her figure the best. Best > Basic


3. Smells like: “Vanilla-cupcake body milk”

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Yes, vanilla is the simple and safe choice for un-savvy candle consumers, but vanilla also smells really f’ing good, so…


4. Nails: “Essie Ballet Slippers”


Apparently this is everyone’s favorite nail polish from Essie, so... guess everyone is basic.