What's On TV Tonight?

October 19, 2007 By:
What's On TV Tonight?

Friday Night Lights

The Panthers take to the field for the first game of the season, but trouble brews as Smash and Matt bring their problems to the field. Coach Taylor returns home again and Street looks into a possible surgery.

Friday at 9pm ET on NBC

Las Vegas
Danny and Mike find themselves in the middle of a murder scene after they show up at Cooper’s suite for what they thought was a meeting. Cooper claims he’s being blackmailed and says he can’t remember what happened, but is he telling the truth?
Friday at 9pm ET on NBC

Men in Trees

Marin gets lost in the forest while looking for a special root for her stew. Lucky for Marin, Jack finds her, but everybody wants to know what exactly happened in those woods. Meanwhile, Lynn wants more passion from Jack, Patrick wants to change his last name, and Sara’s ex wants sole custody of their son.
Friday at 10pm ET on ABC

Women's Murder Club

After three people are murdered on the San Francisco subway, the women work together to hunt down the murderer. But when Lindsay and Warren drop in on a suspect, they don’t get a very warm welcome. In addition to killing strangers on the subway, Lindsay thinks her suspect may also have killed his brother after he left a street gang to join the military.
Friday at 9pm ET on ABC