Las Vegas Didn't Make The Cut

February 21, 2008 By:
Las Vegas Didn't Make The Cut

Sorry Las Vegas fans, the show didn't make the cut. You will not be seeing the show back on air next season. Fans aren't giving up so easily though. They've launched a campaign to try go keep the show on air.


Ok Las Vegas fans, as you've heard Las Vegas has been cancelled by NBC. But after FIVE years of watching this show and being a loyal viewer, we DESERVE more from NBC. We deserve a real ending to the series we have followed for all these years. We aren't going to allow NBC to think they can dump us so easily. So our campaign is going to be: Operation Baby Booties/Socks

We are going to bombard the studios with loads of baby booties/socks. We urge you to buy as many as you can and mail them to Ben Silverman, whose address is listed below. In your shipment please make sure to express the fact that you want a real ending to your favorite show. That's the goal of this campaign - the get Vegas a real ending. If you don't want to buy the booties  yourself, click on the donate button below. You can paypal me a donation and I will mail all the baby booties out in bulk. I'm going to take pictures of all the stuff that is mailed out and will also post them on the site