Piers Morgan on Larry King Gig: It's Looking Good!

August 30, 2010 By:
Piers Morgan on Larry King Gig: It's Looking Good!

There's been a lot of speculation surrounding Piers Morgan possibly replacing Larry King.

Some outlets were reporting that the deal was done while some assumed it fell through. But Hollyscoop got the scoop straight from Morgan himself at the Emmys, so we can put all the speculation to rest.

“I am in negotiations with CNN to do a prime time interview show," he told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY on the red carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards Sunday night.

"We're in the end of negotiations, so hopefully we will have something to announce quite soon,” he added.

When we pressed for a solid answer, he smiled and said, “It’s looking good, I'm quite excited.”

He may be taking over Larry's prime time spot, but he admits he can never replace the King of Talk.

“No one can ever replace Larry King, he’s an absolute iconic figure," said Morgan. "He’s one the great interviewers in the world, has been for 25 years on TV, so no one's gonna replace him. It’s like Simon Cowell on Idol.”

So what can we expect if Piers does get his own show on CNN? “If we get the deal done, I can be myself and show America what I can do when I interview people,” he expressed.

We also wanted to know how Piers Morgan landed a gig that people like Howard Stern and Matt Lauer would kill for. He’s a household name in the UK, and is becoming more well-known as a judge on Americas Got Talent.

“Well I think I do Americas Got Talent, which is a big show here and that’s given me a profile. And back in England, I do interviews mainly and so I’ve interviewed British Prime Minister and Simon Cowell and all these big figures…obviously when Larry decided he was going to go and there became a vacancy in the prime time schedule… [it was] very exciting.”

Piers ran us through what his show would be like if negotiations went through. “We're talking hypothetically at the moment," he said, "I do a very established show back in Britain if you watch a few of those you can get idea of my technique…sort of a James Bond sort of thing...smiling assassin.”

To check out our exclusive interview click on the video below.