Larry King's Lawyer: Divorce is Still On!

April 19, 2010 By:
Larry King's Lawyer: Divorce is Still On!

Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick may be playing nice for the cameras, but according to his lawyer, the divorce is 100% still on!

Larry and Shawn both filed divorce papers last week citing irreconcilable differences for the break down of their 13-year marriage. Shawn accused Larry of sleeping with her sister, which is claim he obviously denied.

Larry King and Wife Going to Therapy

Larry's attorney Dennis Wasser tells People, "My most current information is that the divorce is proceeding. People either go to reconciliation sessions to save their marriage or just to make sure their actions are in the best interest of the children. If I were a betting man, it's for the latter."

Over the weekend there was reports that they were going to "work on their marriage by going to couples counseling," but according to Dennis, it's just so they can keep the divorce as civil as possible for the sake of their two kids.

Larry King Doesn't Have a Prenup

Larry is asking for joint custody of the kids, while Shawn is asking for primary physical custody of the children, as well as spousal and child support.

For a couple that was together for over 13 years, they were pretty damn quick to call it a day after one big argument. This is going to be Larry's 8th divorce...and hopefully his last!