Larry King Wants Regis' Job

January 18, 2011 By:
Larry King Wants Regis' Job

Larry King just retired and he's already ready to get back to work.

Now that Regis Philbin announced he's leaving Live with Regis and Kelly, Larry wants the job. Seriously.

“I would get a kick out of that,” Larry tells The Hollywood Reporter. Speaking to Inside Edition, Larry added: “I would sit in for him for a few weeks. I would get a kick out of that. I would do that in a minute.”

I love Larry King as much as the next person but he seriously just needs to retire at this point!

Meanwhile, there are rumors that ABC is considering offering Ryan Seacrest a huge chunk of money to take Regis' place.

Ryan already has 15 jobs and a zillion dollars in the bank, how about you guys give someone else a chance?! #tiredofRyanhostingeverything.