Prison Break Star Lane Garrison to Be Released From Prison

April 22, 2009 By:
Prison Break Star Lane Garrison to Be Released From Prison

Former Prison Break star Lane Garrison will be getting out of prison a lot earlier than expected.

He’s been in jail since November of 2007, after being found guilty of vehicular manslaughter when he got into a drunk driving accident and his 17-year old passenger Vahagn Setian was killed.

He was expected to serve a 40-month sentence, but according to a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections, he’ll be paroled within the next few weeks because of good behavior credits.

Similar prisoners in Lane’s position are usually released into community residential facilities and assigned to a parole officer somewhere in the state.

For safety reasons, the corrections department does not disclose inmate release dates or the location of the residential facilities they are assigned to in a community.

Obviously if Garrison is released, it will be a lot earlier than was expected of his original sentencing; however, he has been proving himself in prison, working as a peer mentor for other inmates.

Do you think he deserves to get out this early on parole? Or should he have to serve his entire 40-month sentence?