Lane Garrison Involved In Domestic Violence Incident

February 29, 2012 By:
Lane Garrison Involved In Domestic Violence Incident

Beverly Hills police responded to a domestic violence call coming from Lane Garrison's apartment on Tuesday evening.

When the cops arrived, they spoke with Lane and his Playboy Playmate girlfriend, Ashley Mattingly.

No arrests were made and no one appeared to be harmed, but according to TMZ, Lane was taken by ambulance for a "medical issue" that law enforcement sources say was unrelated to the alleged domestic violence incident.

Wait…what? So what happened was:

COPS: Hands in the air! We received a call about domestic violence occurring at this residence!

LANE: Naw, we good. But I got this weird mole on my back, you think you could take a look at it?

Basically, Lane and Ashley got into a fight over who got invited to a funeral. Ashley was upset that she wasn't invited to her ex-boyfriend's funeral earlier that day, and Lane was invited.

Ashley, who happens to be up for Playmate of the Year, felt Lane should not have gone to the funeral because it was disrespectful to her.

As for the hospital visit, sources say that when cops arrived, Lane had a panic attack, so he was taken to the emergency room and released shortly.

TMZ report: "Lane has been vigilant about keeping his nose clean after getting released from prison in a manslaughter case. He was driving under the influence when his car crashed and killed a 17-year-old high school student who was a passenger in the car."

No one was injured during the argument between Lane and Ashley.