Lance Bass: I Know ‘Tons’ of Closeted Gay Celebs

September 27, 2013 By:
Lance Bass: I Know ‘Tons’ of Closeted Gay Celebs
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Lance Bass taped an interview with Bethenny Frankel, for her daytime TV talk show “Bethenny” set to air this Monday, where he made a confession. Except it wasn’t about himself, but everyone else.

The former NSYNC-er who made solo headlines in 2006 for coming out as gay revealed that he knows “tons” of celebrities who are currently in the closet and he has no intention of outing them either.

When asked if he would ever lie to keep a closeted celeb closeted, he admitted that not only would he lie, but he has multiple times in the past.

“I know tons of celebrities that are in the closet right now,” Lance said. “But it’s up to them to decide if they want to come out or not. And I will support any decision they make.”

Lance is arguably much happier and more fulfilled living an open life regarding his sexuality, but he’s been on both sides of the closet in the industry and has empathy for those who feel like they need to hide it. When he was a member of NSYNC, his biggest fear was that coming out would “completely ruin” not just him, but the entire band.

“I didn’t tell a single person when I was with NSYNC,” he said. “I didn’t tell a friend, a family member, nothing like that. As long as I was with NSYNC, I didn’t date a guy, I was completely asexual.”

His desire to come out changed however when his priorities did. “I would rather be in a position where I could help other people,” he explained, “than be the biggest superstar in the world and pretend to be straight.”