Mathew and Lance Laugh Off Rumors Of Being Gay

October 18, 2006 By:
Mathew and Lance Laugh Off Rumors Of Being Gay

BFF’s Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey are laughing off rumors about their sexual preferences and claiming that they are just good buds.

"We tried it. Wasn't for us," funny guy McConaughey jokes to Details magazine. I have to admit that’s pretty darn funny!

Armstrong is claiming that they became closer friends at the time because they were both single and things just clicked. "Our friendship just kind of developed," Armstrong says. "He got out of a relationship; I'd just gotten out of a relationship."

"I think people see pictures and they think we're these overgrown frat guys, but we all have those kinds of relationships – and relationship isn't a bad word," says Armstrong. "I mean, we all have buds, we all take guy trips, but you take something very normal and you put it in a magazine, and people start talking. "

"It's like, either you sleep with anything that moves or you're gay. They can't figure it out."

Armstrong loves his buddies nonchalant style and believes it has been a good influence on him. "His idea is like, 'Look, it is what it is, so go out there and have fun.' He’s truly carefree – which is to say, he truly doesn't care."

What do ya’ll think: Are Lance and Mathew gay or just “frat like” buddies?