Fact or Fiction: What’s Actually Real About Lana Del Rey?

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Fact or Fiction: What’s Actually Real About Lana Del Rey?
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Lana Del Rey is a curious thing. She used to sing under the name Lizzy Grant. Her backstory is confusing. Her lips appear to have been purchased and her recent interviews contradict nearly everything she sings about.

So, what is actually REAL about Lana Del Rey or is it ALL made up?


Her first few albums were released under the name Lizzy Grant.

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But as soon as she resurfaced as Lana Del Rey, she tried her best to erase all mention of Lizzy Grant from the Internet.


Her new name was supposedly created by her lawyers and managers.

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And she presumably agreed to the change.


The authenticity of her lips has always been up for debate.

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Though Lana denies ever having plastic surgery.


She claims that she grew up poor and that she lived in a trailer park.

But in reality, she used the advance from her first record contract as a down payment on the mobile home she purchased in 2008.


Her dad is supposedly rich, or as Lana said to Pitchfork: “My dad is an entrepreneur and an innovator.”


Living in a trailer park with her rich dad? Hmmm.


Somewhere in her confusing rich/poor East Coast early life, she ran into Lady Gaga (then named Stefani Germanotta) in the Brooklyn music scene and wrote this diss track about her.

Which includes the lyrics, “Stefani, you suck/I know you’re selling twenty million/Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg.”


It's pretty damn clear what Lana’s song “F**ked My Way to the Top” is about.

But Lana recently revealed that she “slept with a lot of guys in the industry,” but none of them helped her career. So, did she or didn’t she sleep with industry guys for fame?


For three years, she was engaged to musician Barrie-James O’Neill.

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Despite the fact that during those three years, she supposedly “dated"...


Marilyn Manson...



and Axl Rose.

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Nobody knew she had an age-appropriate fiancé for the past three years.


Most of her music videos feature older actors because so much of her music revolves around her daddy issues.


She supposedly broke up with Barrie in June of this year.


She lamented, “We are currently not together. I no longer felt free.”


But a day after her own statement about the breakup was released, Barrie said:

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“That’s just the papers man. It’s not over, it’s not over, don’t believe what you read.” So did they or didn’t they break up?


So, who IS Lana Del Rey and what, if anything about her is real?

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Does her music tell the truth? Or do her interviews? Where is she actually from? Who is she REALLY? Does she ACTUALLY have daddy issues or is all this drama designed to sell records? WHO ARE YOU LANA DEL REY!?