15 Times Lana Del Rey Made It Cool to Be Sad

February 3, 2014 By:
15 Times Lana Del Rey Made It Cool to Be Sad

Lana Del Rey is the saddest girl in the world. Too bad she looks effing fabulous doing it.


1. That time her tears were jewelry.


2. That time she turned sadness into shyness and it was totally adorable. 


3. That time she had THE saddest eyes and we we’re like, “How cool!”


4. That time we couldn’t tell if she was depressed or patriotic.


5. That time she was sad, straight into the mic.


6. That time she smoked the coolest looking cigarette to keep from being sad.


7. That time she was so sad, she couldn’t open her eyes, but her makeup was ON POINT.


8. That time when she had nothing but her ultra-cool aching soul.


9. That time she was sad, but still went out dancing on a Friday night.


10. That time she was giving us HAIR, but also MISTRESS.


11. That time she had a huge life realization.


12. That time she was drowning, which isn’t cool at all, DA FUHHHH!


13. That time we ignored her message because that dark lip is everything.


14. That time she was too glamorous to be upset.


15. That time she was like, “All y’all bitches wanna be sad like me.”