Why Lamar Odom’s Drug Dealer Cut Him Off

September 9, 2013 By:
Why Lamar Odom’s Drug Dealer Cut Him Off

The Lamar Odom drug scandal never seemed true. We’re supposed to believe that all of a sudden Lamar Odom of Kardashian-adjacent fame is suddenly knee deep in an insane crack cocaine addiction? Sure, why not.

Well, if TMZ is to be believed and generally speaking they are, Lamar’s dealer just cut him off last week because his addiction was getting so bad, the dealer honestly thought Lamar might die.

Apparently Lamar wouldn’t stop calling and demanding more drugs, so eventually the dealer stopped filling Lamar’s demands.

It’s not that he was worried about Lamar. He’s worried Lamar would OD and then he’d be investigated in Lamar’s death.

Now that Lamar doesn’t have a dealer, he was spotted leaving an apartment building in downtown LA at 3:15 a.m. and was spotted getting home at 6 a.m., presumably searching for DUN DUN DUN…DRUGS!