Lamar Odom's New Coach: 'Khloe Is My Favorite Kardashian'

December 13, 2011 By:
Lamar Odom's New Coach: 'Khloe Is My Favorite Kardashian'

Dallas Mavericks, prepare to be taken over by the Kardashians. You may or may not have to start wearing Louboutins during your games.

After all the to trade or not to trade drama, Lamar Odom is being welcomed by the Dallas Mavericks with good, old fashioned southern hospitality.

“Your locker is ready, Mr. Lamar Odom,” the Mavericks tweeted on Monday, including a picture of an empty locker all ready for Odom’s NBA gear. And possibly a few E! cameras.

“Need some candy in there,” Khloe responded. And I have no idea what that means. With all the sexual innuendos on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it can’t literally mean candy, can it? Okay maybe it does.

“Does Lamar have a preference?” The Mavs responded.

Kardashian Tweeted her excitement about the move on Monday: "As soon as I pack our house up, I'll be there. I ride or die for my Lam! It's where I go... It's who I am with."

That’s nice that he has his wife’s support and all, but Lamar Odom looked so good in yellow.

Khloe told E! News: I've heard nothing but great things about Dallas and the Mavs. Can't wait to join my hubby there and get to know the city and all the wonderful people there."

I don’t know who to feel worse for, Khloe or the city of Dallas.

Dallas Mavericks’ head coach, Rick Carlisle is excited about Odom being on the team, and apparently, he’s also a Kardashian fan:

"I will say this: Khloe's my favorite Kardashian. She's the coolest," Carlisle told the Dallas Morning News.

And get him ready for his close up:

"I've never been one to rule anything out," he said. "I would guess it would be a long shot to be asked.”

Not really. The couple plans to take their show to Dallas, so I can only imagine the misadventures that will ensue at the local Whataburger.

“Cameras will follow it all,” an insider tells TMZ. Apparently, their new life in Dallas will make for the main plotline of both Khloe and Lamar and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kardashian said the trade made her “sad but positive energy gets you farther than negative.”

She later Tweeted: “I am blessed and happy anywhere as long as I am with my family! God is great!! Blessed beyond words! I love ALL of my dolls!”