Lamar Odom: I Did Not Write Angry Tweet to Dad

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Lamar Odom: I Did Not Write Angry Tweet to Dad
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Yesterday Lamar Odom wrote an emotionally explosive tweet aimed at his dad Joe Odom, who bashed the Kardashians and talked about Lamar's drug problem in a recent interview.

Lamar’s response basically stated that the Kardashians are the only family he’s ever known and that his own dad was never there for him.

We thought the tweet harped on the Kardashian bit for too long and didn’t address any other portion of Joe Odom’s interview. The whole tweet was basically, “Screw you dad I love the Kardashians.”

It seemed like it was written by a Kardashian who simply knows Lamar’s Twitter password.

Well, it turns out that might be the case.

Sources close to Lamar tell TMZ that the NBA player never wrote that tweet.

Lamar is holed up in a private house smoking crack with two young girls, one of whom he's intimate with and A) didn’t even know his dad talked to a magazine, B) doesn’t have an Internet connection and C) doesn’t care enough to write a Twitter response.

So yeah, Lamar didn’t write that tweet. Now to find out who actually did...

UPDATE: TMZ just changed their story. Now, a source close to the Kardashian's claim that Lamar DID write that tweet and he called the entire Kardashian clan and told them he was about the tweet the message. So, Lamar's friends say he never wrote it but a source close to the Kardashians say he did. You be the judge...