Lamar Odom Holed Up, on Crack Binge with 2 Women

September 26, 2013 By:
Lamar Odom Holed Up, on Crack Binge with 2 Women
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Where in the world is Lamar Odom? Hiding out in a private residence in a gated community about 100 miles outside of Los Angeles, according to TMZ, on a serious crack cocaine binge and partying his days and nights away with two young women.

Multiple sources acquainted with Lamar’s whereabouts told TMZ that he has a driver who routinely shuttles back-and-forth—from L.A. to this secret den he’s been renting to get high—supplying him with drugs. Think of it as one of those shuttles that takes you to and from Disneyland, except instead of the Happiest Place on Earth, it’s just a brick of crack.

Paranoia is Lamar’s reason for making the effort to travel so far out of L.A.—not to mention he can no longer drive due to his license being suspended after being booked for a DUI.

These same sources say that Lamar is so tense about getting caught, he doesn’t even text message. He uses a Snapchat-like app that allows him to send texts that are automatically deleted from the recipient’s phone once they’re read. The app also notifies the sender if the reader is trying to screenshot the text.

Currently, his life revolves around the drug and TMZ’s sources say he has company—two women in their early twenties, one of which he’s intimate with, and his best friend.

Through it all, though separated, his wife Khloe Kardashian continues to stand by her husband, not giving up on Lamar and encouraging him to seek treatment.