Lamar Odom Giving Lectures on Saying No to Drugs

October 22, 2013 By:
Lamar Odom Giving Lectures on Saying No to Drugs
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Just a few months ago, Lamar Odom basically ditched his life and his family to smoke crack, but now apparently he’s telling other people’s kids to say no to drugs.

That’s super great, it's not exactly practicing what he's preaching, but whatever!? Lamar’s a motivational anti-drug speaker now?

Lamar was at a birthday party at a sushi restaurant in North Hollywood (random, but ok?) when a little kid walked up to Lamar for a photo.

Lamar sat the kid down and gave him a speech about staying in school and staying away from drugs. He even encouraged the boy to learn to play basketball.

How lovely. If only he’d listen to his own words of wisdom.

However, there’s a huge chance Lamar IS taking his own advice.

A source tells Hollyscoop that Lamar has been clean for weeks and is desperate to get his life back on track.