Lamar Odom Getting Clean for His Kids

October 15, 2013 By:
Lamar Odom Getting Clean for His Kids
Image By: Getty Images

Lately we’ve heard reports that Lamar Odom is meeting with basketball teams, he’s reunited with his dad, and he’s supposedly passing drug tests.

Well, it turns out he IS turning his life around.

“Lamar has been clean for two weeks now,” a source close to the basketball star tells Hollyscoop.

But why now? Why did he finally decide to sober up when Khloe Kardashian has been begging him to for months?

It’s because of his kids.

“He's doing good and getting back to shape. He says he's getting clean so he can see his kids. He’s getting clean and working out and getting in shape. He just wants his life back,” says our source.

This is shocking, because this is one of the first Lamar stories that actually includes his children. In the chaos of his and Khloe’s impending divorce, everyone forgot that Lamar has three kids and only seemed to focus on his drama with Khloe.

Lamar’s kids live in Queens, NY with their mother Liza Morales.

In related news, despite reports that Lamar met with the Lakers yesterday, he actually doesn’t meet with them for two more weeks, but he got the haircut to prove it yesterday.