Lamar Odom’s Rampage Against the Paparazzi Caught on Video

July 11, 2013 By:
Lamar Odom’s Rampage Against the Paparazzi Caught on Video

What’s 6’10”, married to a Kardashian, and angry all over? Generally gentle giant Lamar Odom went kind of postal on a pair of paparazzi in Hollywood yesterday and, of course, the throwdown was caught on camera.

In the footage, which begins mid-quarrel, Lamar is seen rummaging through the backseat of a photog’s car, tossing his equipment into the center of a busy street. TMZ reports that Lamar later smashes into another paparazzo’s car with a metal bar to search for more, possibly, objectionable materials.

Lamar seems tepid throughout the whole video. His blood pressure never appears to rise as he navigates this ordeal with a disquieting serenity.

There’s still little context surrounding what provoked Lamar’s ire, but if there are any winners, here it’s the caravan of tourists nearby. They get a thrilling story to take back to their friends and family in Ohio about “them crazy celebs!”

The best part of the video is when a driving passerby, puts her car in neutral, gets out and approaches Lamar to take a photo with him on her phone and he obliges.

Welcome to the city of L.A.!