Who Beat Gaga for Biggest Concert of 2010

December 29, 2010 By:
Who Beat Gaga for Biggest Concert of 2010

2010 was a big year for concerts, but the highest-grossing tour of the year will most definitely shock you! I’ll give you hint…you could fist pump to this music.

Bon Jovi! The Jersey native topped the list of the biggest concert draw of 2010, pulling in $201.1 million in ticket sales. How many of those probably came from the Garden State…

It’s pretty shocking that Lady Gaga didn’t win the title, seeing as though she’s been on tour pretty much the whole time she’s been famous. She played 138 gigs this year, as compared to Bon Jovie’s 80 and U2’s 32. But she is down the list at No. 4, with her Monster Ball tour raking in $133.6 million.

AC/DC came in at No. 2 and U2 at No. 3. AC/DC grossed $177 million, and U2 $160.9 million. U2 was the top worldwide act in 2009 with $311 million, followed by AC/DC with $227 million.

And here we were, thinking Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift were killing it in music. Apparently rock is NOT dead!