Video: Lady Gaga's Idol Performance Cut Short

May 6, 2010 By:
Video: Lady Gaga's Idol Performance Cut Short

Lady Gaga performed on American Idol last night, and as usual she was great! But we couldn’t help but notice that it was more toned-down than what we’re used to from her.

You know you’re over the top when a full lace body suit that covers your face is considered tame! But we’re going to chalk up the more subtle performance to the fact that Idol is a family show. We noticed that every time the camera was about to show her exposed butt, the shot was switched to the wide far away camera.

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We also noticed that the song seemed cut in a few different places. And Gaga confirmed that today saying, “Fox chopped up my performance in four places.”

According to reports, Gaga pre-taped two different performances—one for “Bad Romance” and one for “Alejandro,” which was originally a 6-and-a-half minute performance!

But even with the cuts and the safe camera angles, Gaga still rocked it on Idol. Check out the performance below!