Video: Lady Gaga Vomits On Stage In Barcelona

October 8, 2012 By:
Video: Lady Gaga Vomits On Stage In Barcelona

Something is happening to our pop stars! It’s a vomit epidemic!

First Justin Bieber vomits all over the stage at a recent concert stop, saying he chugged too much milk at the pre-game, now Lady Gaga has hurled up her lunch during a performance on Saturday in Barcelona! Someone ban milk from popstars dressing rooms!

During the Gaga performance, she was walking onstage with her back to the audience when she pulled herself over a railing and straight hurled off the back of the stage. Then she did a couple dance moves. Then she vomited again. Then she did a few more dance moves. Then she vomited some more while her back-up dance carried the show. After about 30 seconds of this Gaga resumed singing “Edge of Glory” and everything was fine.

Despite her sick-incident, Gaga carried on like the consummate professional that she is and never once mentioned the vomit throughout the remainder of the show.

However, Gaga could not escape the evil eyes of the internet generation.

Obviously the puke accident ended up online and Gaga tweeted:

Don’t you love that Gaga linked to the video of herself puking? Justin Bieber would NEVER. Watch Gaga stand at the "Edge of Glory" and throw everything up.