Video: Lady Gaga Gets Her Freak on in ‘Applause’

August 19, 2013 By:
Video: Lady Gaga Gets Her Freak on in ‘Applause’

Make that freaks on, plural.

Lady Gaga premiered her music video for “Applause” on "Good Morning America" today and it’s a return to form for the singer. Well, many forms.

From a mad hatter, to a clamshell bra-wearing nude, to a swan with Gaga’s face for a head, Mother Monster channeled a zoo of curious creatures for the very Cirque du Soleil-style theatre piece.

It’s no “Bad Romance,” or “Paparazzi” even, but it’s definitely Gaga back in her element—gnashing her teeth and writhing around in ensembles fit for the pages of Vogue.

Also worth noting is how happy and spirited she looks, entertaining in nearly every frame. After all, she lives for the applause, applause, applause.

What do you think of Gaga’s first serving of original musical anything in nearly two years? Watch the official video here: