Video: Kat Von D Inks Lady Gaga Before She Was Famous

September 16, 2011 By:
Video: Kat Von D Inks Lady Gaga Before She Was Famous

This is the weirdest video I've ever seen. And no, it doesn't not involve cats playing instruments or inmates in the Philippines dancing to Michael Jackson songs.

A youtube video from 2008 has been unearthed showing Kat Von D giving Lady Gaga a tattoo.

The video is basically the world's biggest celeb (Gaga) making legitimate small talk with one of the most famous tattoo artists (Kat Von D) while she injects ink into her lower back BEFORE either of them were famous.

This video was filmed in 2008 before Gaga released her debut album The Fame and was still dressing like a human person. Gaga literally has to explain who she is to Kat Von D, it's really gratifying. Kat Von D asks Gaga "You're a kid from New York, right?

The then 22 year-old Gaga goes, "I was born and raised in Mahattan and I just moved out here. I'm a singer but I'm also a songwriter for other artists. So I've just been working and doing shows."

To which Kat Von D responds, "Amazing," in the same way people say "That's amazing" when they just zoned out and couldn't care less what you just said but need to fill the awkward silence with any word, "Amazing."

The best part of this conversation is that it sounds exactly like all my conversations with my hairdresser, "I just moved out here. So I've just been working..."

Attention Little Monsters, this is the most normal Gaga has ever appeared on camera. Eat your hearts out.

Remember this is before Gaga was famous, so although she's now worked with names like Tony Bennett and Elton John, she thought her gigs back in 2008 were awesome.

Kat Von D asks Gaga if she's working on anything cool and Gaga says, "I worked with New Kids on the Block last night, it was rad." Then both girls agree that this is indeed very rad.

Also, for some unexplainable reason, Kat Von D is tattooing Gaga in a shady alley way out of her van. Like these two are really really not famous at this point. Kat Von D had appeared on maybe one season of "Miami Ink," but other than that...not very famous.

They then talk about tattoos for like 2 minutes and the conversation sounds exactly like what two twenty-something chicks talking about tattoos would sounds like...boring and with heavy use of the phrases "omigod" and "omigod so beautiful."

The tattoo Gaga gets is on her lower back and is of roses. Oh a tramp stamp, gotta love it. Kat then reveals that she's going to stamp that same rose design on her van.