Trying to Make Sense of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s Relationship

April 7, 2014 By:
Trying to Make Sense of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s Relationship
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If there is one certainty in this world, it’s that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s relationship makes sense to NO ONE.

It’s not everyday that a musician/alien from Venus pairs up with a chill bro Hollywood actor.



Last night, Gaga gave Taylor a private lap dance in a closed-off area of the VIP section of some NYC club, and apparently he LOVED IT.

Gaga sang her own song “Do What U Want” (of course she did) while she grinded all over him.



Then, because madness has clearly overcome poor Taylor, he was overheard telling someone after the lap dance, “I am the fire that strokes her imagination, and I’m happy to be that.”

Good gawd, she has brainwashed him. It’s the ONLY explanation.

But then other times they look like the world’s most normal couple.



Especially here when Gaga wore something we can only assume she found at David’s Bridal when she and Taylor hit up a Golden Globe after party earlier this year.


But then Gaga is back to being eccentric and Taylor remains basic and we are like DAHHH FUHHH...



So most of us are thinking, oh she probably does WEIRD stuff in bed because you know, she’s SO ZANY in real life.

But that’s not true either! Gaga is the submissive one in their relationship!

“Oh yeah, [Taylor’s], like, totally in charge. When I’m home I’m like, shoes are off, I’m making his dinner, you know?” she recently revealed.



Wait, what?! Gaga just at home in the kitchen Betty Draper style?!

So the moral of this story is that Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga’s relationship STILL makes no sense to anyone.