See Lady Gaga Without Makeup!

March 27, 2012 By:
See Lady Gaga Without Makeup!

Lady Gaga did a rare thing yesterday! She tweeted a pic of herself without any make-up on!

People love seeing stars caught without their make-up applied, but I think Gaga’s make-up free face is the most shocking. Shocking because she looks good!

I assumed Gaga was hiding a second face on the side of her head, or something, and is why she sometimes wears prosthetic cheekbones, too much make-up, and insane wigs.

Actually, doesn’t Gaga look the teeniest bit like Madonna in this photo? It’s in the eyebrows, right?

Gaga tweeted this pic and wrote, “Have a beautiful day!!”

I don’t know if she was suggesting that if one looks at her face that they will have a beautiful day, or that she’s calling herself beautiful? Whatever.

Also, I hope this means Gaga is finally ditching all the obnoxious get-ups. No more dressing as men. No more bizarre couture that’s so bizarre it’s just pop-star cliché now. No more fake looking wigs. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, what do you think of Gaga without make-up? Should she rock it more often or go back to the clown face paint and oversized sunglasses?