See Lady Gaga’s Gold Butt

August 27, 2013 By:
See Lady Gaga’s Gold Butt

There’s really no other reason for this post other than to let you know that Lady Gaga covered her butt in gold and let Terry Richardson take a picture of it.

This was Gaga’s pre-VMA performance butt and then she danced her GOLD BUTT OFF because as Gaga slinked around the Barclay Center all night in a thong and seashells, she was not shellacked in a gloss of gold flakes.

Terry Richardson has become Gaga’s new photo assistant basically and follows her around taking pictures of Gaga doing normal human things like this one, of Gaga screwing in her nose ring.

Or this one where she forgot where eyeshadow goes.

Or this one where she has the aliens summoned out of her skin each morning.