Lady GaGa's Teacup Mystery Explained

April 23, 2009 By:
Lady GaGa's Teacup Mystery Explained

Lady Gaga has taken the world by storm with her upbeat dance tracks, her wacky outfits, and now her...teacup?!

She's been photographed a lot recently walking around with a teacup, which has prompted a huge teacup following, as strange as that sounds. What's with the teacup? Why does she carry it around?

GaGa talked to the UK Sun earlier this week and finally explained the story behind her cup of tea. "I used to have tea at home with my mother every day, you see,” she said.

“She hasn’t got a name but she’s quite famous now, so I made her stay in today. I take her everywhere because she makes me feel at home." Um...ok.

She added, “I’ve made a habit of drinking out of china because it makes me feel grounded. I don’t think it’s a good lifestyle to always be eating and drinking out of paper. It’s very wasteful.”

We're all for not wasting paper (and of course recycling!) but walking around with fine china is just plain strange. Obviously she was hoping the teacup would take on a life of its own and generate some publicity for her, which is exactly what's happened!