Lady Gaga's Surprisingly Low-Key 26th Birthday Celebrations

March 29, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga's Surprisingly Low-Key 26th Birthday Celebrations

For someone who lives on the Edge… of Glory, Lady Gaga’s 26th Birthday party was surprisingly chill.

Lady Gaga was in Los Angeles for her birthday and what did she plan for her big day? A spin class and dinner with her parents. Wait, really?

Gaga’s party consisted of a private spin class party at SoulCycle in West Hollywood, “Her friends filled the studio, and they had a blast,” a source tells US Weekly.

“She requested [Bruce Springsteen’s] ‘Thunder Road’ because it’s one of her favorite songs,” adds the source.

After spin class she sat down for an intimate dinner with just her parents. They didn’t even go out to a restaurant!

“It was just a small thing with her family,” says the insider, “her mother cooked!”

Gaga finally took a break from her hectic work schedule to celebrate her b-day and according to this super knowledgeable source, it was a very happy birthday.

“She’s been ridiculously busy, and has been working herself very very hard, but everyone had the most amazing time [yesterday]!”

The day before Gaga’s birthday she tweeted, “This is how it feels turning 26 in three and a half hours. Ha!”

She then tweeted a picture of a sad looking piece of cake on a paper plate with a single lonely candle. Hey, I heard 26 is the new 21, right?

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga.