Lady Gaga's Stalker Causes Panic at Show

December 22, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga's Stalker Causes Panic at Show

It's almost impossible to be as famous as Lady Gaga and not have a few stalkers.

One of her psycho stalkers left her "shaken" after she got past security at London’s The 02 during her concert last Thursday and was found heading straight for her dressing room.

“GaGa was understandably shaken by the incident but was a consummate professional and continued as per normal, putting on a dazzling show,” an insider said.

The unidentified 24 year old woman has been stalking Gaga for some time and finally figured out how to forge backstage passes so she could see Gaga in the flesh.

After being questioned by security she was ultimately let go, but I have a feeling this isn't the last we're going to hear about this. If she successfully got backstage without being reprimanded, this is probably just the beginning of many schemes.