Lady Gaga's Nose: Born This Way?

July 10, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga's Nose: Born This Way?

Lady Gaga. Remember her? Her last huge hit was that song about expressing yourself (…that totally wasn’t at all just a Millennial remix of Madonna’s “Express Yourself”…) called “Born This Way.”

Now she herself is under the Authenticity Microscope™ oft held over celebrities of her stature, in this case, her nose—i.e., was she in fact born this way?

To the eyes of a plastic surgeon, it’s an eyebrow raising, “no.”

“The extremely talented Lady Gaga appears to have had a rhinoplasty,” Dr. Paul Carniol, a plastic surgeon based in New Jersey told us. The signs only a doctor could notice?

“Her nasal bones appear to be narrowed and surgically narrowed,” he said. “Her nasal tip structures also have surgical appearing changes. The upper edges of the tip cartilages appear straighter than naturally usually occurs.”

But Dr. Carniol approves of the new look. “These subtle relatively natural appearing changes improve her appearance. She has an excellent career and this improvement in her nose can only make it better.”