Lady Gaga's Newest Outfit Is Most Terrifying Yet

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Lady Gaga's Newest Outfit Is Most Terrifying Yet
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Lady Gaga paved her way in Hollywood by being a walking art piece. However, her latest fashion moment, if you even want to call it that, might be her worst yet.

Gaga stepped outside wearing a giant pyramid mask of hair that consumed her whole head.

This makes the meat dress look like a lame Halloween costume. 

Gaga left the Ritz Carlton in Berlin with her head covered in a giant cube covered in matted blonde hair with two holes punched out for her eyes.

Honestly, this is the grossest thing we’ve ever seen. She looks like a deranged mascot.

Her upcoming album ARTPOP is pretty lame and it's not getting the recognition she’s used to receiving, so if she has to wear a giant fur ball on her head to get press, well, it’s working.