Lady Gaga's First Ever Photoshoot, Before She Was Famous

February 29, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga's First Ever Photoshoot, Before She Was Famous

Before she was Born This Way, before she was Mother Monster, before she was Marrying The Night, Lady Gaga was just a regular 19-year-old who sat down with a friend for a “sexy” photo shoot in her parents apartment with some strategically placed silk blankets on top of a piano, and who hasn’t done that before?

While young Gaga probably thought these were the steamiest photos she’s ever taken (at the time) they are nothing more than some really good pics for an online dating profile.

The photos were taken by Gaga’s restaurant co-worker Malgorzata Saniewska in 2005 and were taken in her parents Upper East Side apartment in what we’re referring to as her “first ever” photo shoot.

In all the photos she’s wearing a white silk slip and white pointed shoes and her hair is long and dark and honestly rivals the strands of J-Woww.

In many of the photos, Gaga straddles the top of a piano making a “come hither” face, which would arguably make no man, woman, or little monster want to come anywhere.

She lays down on the piano, she sits on stop of it, she holds a silk blanket in her lap in and makes a “sexy” face. I cannot wait to hear what Lady Gaga has to tweet about this once she finds out someone leaked her old myspace photos.

These photos are almost as good as that vintage video clip of Lady Gaga getting ink from Kat Von D, and Kat is all like “Oh, you’re a singer? Good luck with that!”