Lady Gaga's Boyfriend Cheats

August 12, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga's Boyfriend Cheats

Lady Gaga is officially back together with her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl…but sources say he’s still seeing another woman on the side!

Gaga and Luc dated years ago, but her then-drug addiction forced them to part ways. According to Grazia magazine, she’s "devastated" to find that he may still be with the woman he claimed to have left her for.

A source says "She's only just got back together with Luc and now she's frightened she's going to lose him again because she simply can't trust him. She's also upset because this seems to make her the other woman."

"Gaga has built this whole career and she had to prove she could do it. But in her personal life she feels like a fool because she still can't make the man she loves love her and only her," the source added.

"It's a matter of self-respect now and she may have to end it because she' just not high enough on his list of priorities. She worries that he's just using her for her fame and money and it`s killing her inside."

Compared to Gaga, Luc is sort of a “normal” guy—he manages a nightclub in New York. So it’s not totally out of the question that he’s using her to get ahead.

But just days ago, the two were spotted at the Four Seasons in Texas where Gaga was playing a show. We hope it’s not a revisiting of a “Bad Romance!”