Lady Gaga Wants Rights to All Her Pics and Videos

November 17, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga Wants Rights to All Her Pics and Videos

Coming across old pics of celebs before they were famous can provide hours of entertainment. It’s amazing to see how they all somehow become so nipped and tucked after a few short years in Hollywood.

Someone who isn’t laughing about pre-fame pics is Lady Gaga. She reportedly wants the right to any photos or videos from when she was still Stefani Germanotta.

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Guess Gaga didn’t see the humor we all saw in her
Sopranos cameo

A friend of hers tells More magazine, “She hates things from her past being made public. She’s contacted exes, childhood friends, and workmates to buy the copyright to any old pictures and footage to make sure that nothing else surfaces.”

Lady Gaga Pissed Over Eva Longoria Ham Dress

Rumor has it she’s willing to pay people off who have unflattering pics or videos of her from her past. What’s happened to Gaga’s sense of humor?!

First she gets pissed at Eva Longoria over copying her meat dress, and now this!

Sorry honey, but this is what being famous is all about—you get famous so other people from your past can come forward to dig up all the skeletons in your closet!

Underneath all that Gaga-licious-ness, she’s still Stefani Germanotta!