Lady Gaga Wanted to Give Charlie Sheen a Lap Dance

January 17, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga Wanted to Give Charlie Sheen a Lap Dance
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Charlie Sheen has returned from crazy town (for now), and moved on to a new interest: giving lots of his money away. But in the generosity category, the actor is nothing compared to Lady Gaga.

Apparently Sheen and the “Born This Way” singer got friendly while shooting Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse sequel Machete Kills, which they both appear in.

While they never met on set, they spoke on the phone, and Gaga propositioned him with the idea of appearing in her next music video. Which, from the sound of it, seems more like the first five minutes of a porno. 

He spoke on the enterprise to news source The Daily Beast:

“She wanted me to do a music video with her that was going to be the first X-rated video. It’s her going to this strip club, with Britney Spears or somebody, and they’re dancers and I’m the customer. And she wanted to do a full striptease as a lap dance for me, and she told me, ‘If there’s one person that should receive this X-rated lap dance, it’s you.’”

We imagine the scene would play out something like this:

What ever became of this Spears-Gaga-Sheen on-screen dry hump fest? Unfortunately (for us!) it didn’t pan out.

“I was so flattered, but we never spoke again,” says Sheen.

Sheen continues in this unfiltered and extended interview published on Wednesday. On the flickering status of “Two and a Half Men,” he says that he “feels bad” for his old costar Jon Cryer. “They lost their anchor and really went adrift … I don’t think it should continue past this year.”

Is there anyone that he can’t keep up with while partying? 

“Oh yeah. I’ll just say ‘No. 22,’ cause this person will read it and know what I’m talking about. They can f--king roll. And Johnny Depp. Johnny is hardcore, man. Sean [Penn] is hardcore. Sean is hard to keep up with when he’s going. And he’s gnarly. He’s the best actor alive.”

And, because no modern day interview with the “Anger Management” star would be complete without asking about the tribulations of Lindsay Lohan, whom he shares the screen with briefly in Scary Movie 5, he spoke on the stumbling star too.

“She was pretty cool. I felt bad for her,” he says. “She was shy and vulnerable, but her instincts are dead on.”

Also in the interview, Sheen claims that Lindsay refused to rehearse their scene together and that they only met for five minutes in makeup before getting in front of the camera. Lindsay's rep tells Hollyscoop that this claim is untrue.