Lady Gaga Trashed by High School Bullies

May 20, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga Trashed by High School Bullies

Lady Gaga might be the most powerful celebrity now, but not too long ago, she was being dumped in trashcans by bullies.

“The boys picked me up and threw me in the trash can on the street, on the corner of my block while all the other girls from the school were leaving and could see me in the trash."

The pop star continues, "Everybody was laughing and I was even laughing. I had that nervous giggle ... I remember even one of the girls looking at me like 'are you about to cry? You're pathetic.' That's what it felt like, you're pathetic."

If you feel sorry for Gaga right now, just remember, she’s projected to make $100 million in this year alone.

"It didn't sink in with me how bullying affected me until later in my life,” Gaga continued. “I knew that it affected me deeply but it wasn't until a little bit later that I realized how much it affect me and how much it was still very present."

At her Monster Ball Tour, Lady Gaga announced to the audience that she was bullied in school by “really rich mean girls with no tits,” and added that “she still gets made fun of every day by really rich mean girls with no tits.”

As a rich person, I’m deeply offended by this. Does she have any idea how hard it is for a rich person to find a bra in their size? Or look at a Victoria’s Secret catalogue without getting depressed? Uh, I mean…something about money.

Gaga told the audience that if they’ve ever been bullied, they'll “be looking at those people while you are a shining star on stage.”

Unless my old bullies come to Spotlight Karaoke on Wednesdays while I'm singing Tom Jones (poorly), I don't think that's going to happen.