Lady Gaga Still Pretending She's Poor

July 15, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga Still Pretending She's Poor

Lady Gaga was named one of the richest women in music just a few months ago, but she’s still pretending she’s poor.

She made over $112 million dollars in the last year, but she insists almost everything goes back into her show. And if it doesn’t, she’ll be happy to give it all away.

Speaking in Sydney as part of her 'Monster's Ball' tour, she said: "Money and recognition were never a driving factor for me. I was driven by recognition by showbiz.

"What does come along with showbiz is recognition, but the money goes right back into the show. If I had to give it all away, every dollar that I've earned, I would."

She was $3 million in debt after the first round of her Monster Ball Tour, but a year later she’s worth more than a hundred million. You can stop pretending you’re broke Gaga, it’s ok. You deserve the money. You work every single day. We’re not going to love you any less because you’re rich.