Lady Gaga Still Eccentric – Wears Wedding Dress To Party W/ Rihanna

September 10, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Still Eccentric – Wears Wedding Dress To Party W/ Rihanna

Lady Gaga has worn her fair share of bizarre dresses. Meat dress and Kermit the Frog dress both come to mind, but there’s something about a single woman wearing a wedding dress that just screams “IM INSANE SOMEONE HELP ME ADOPT ALL THESE CATS!”

Gaga was partying at the Arts Club in Mayfair on Saturday night with her good pals (?) Rihanna and Jay-Z.

Now, Gaga wasn’t just wearing a white dress, she was straight up wearing a wedding gown. She waltzed out of the club and threw her arms open, holding the train of her dress out like a little girl twirling in her “princess” dress.

Gaga also wore a crown and a white veil that she tied up on her head like a turbin.

It should also be noted that the dress featured a very minimal bodice and Gaga’s boobs were poppin’ out all over the place.

Earlier in the evening, Gaga performed a date on her “Born This Way Ball” at Twickenham Stadium.

But why were RiRi and Jay-Z at the club too? Not sure if these three superstars were all popping bottles at the same table or what, but Jay and Rihanna hit up the club after they both performed at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.

Jay and RiRi were much more casual than Gaga. Clearly they weren’t invited to her “wedding” as Rihanna wore an orange jumpsuit (prison garb is very on-trend apparently) and Hova just rocked a black hoodie.