Lady Gaga: Stay Away from Sex and Cocaine

July 18, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga: Stay Away from Sex and Cocaine

Lady Gaga might sing about wanting some dude’s “vertical stick,” but when it comes to having sex, the singer believes most people have it at too early an age.

Gaga told Howard Stern: “I've got a lot of young fans, and I love you, and I respect your show and I know you want to talk about sex and cocaine - but honestly you should wait as long as you possibly can to have sex," Gaga said on Stern’s radio show. “I really think that kids have sex way too young.”

This is a pretty surprising statement for someone who once (probably more) yelled at her concert, “Who wants to fuck me?”

Gaga went on to warn about the dangers of drug abuse.

“I regret every line I ever did. So to all of the little sweethearts who are listening - don't ever touch it. It's the devil," GaGa said.

So Lady Gaga can pretty much say and do anything she wants, and then say and do the exact opposite, and we all just smile and clap like a bunch of three year olds watching a clown make a balloon animal.

Over the weekend, Gaga’s official website was hacked into, and thousands of fan’s information was stolen. Gaga’s label, Universal, contacted police and said:

“We take this very seriously and have put in place additional measures to protect personally identifiable information. All those affected have been advised.”

A source close to Gaga said, “She's upset and hopes police get to the bottom of how this was allowed to happen."