Lady Gaga Shuts Down Her Twitter Account

July 9, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga Shuts Down Her Twitter Account

Celebs are getting really unpredictable on social media these days.

First Amanda Bynes paves the way for Jay-Z to answer random questions from his followers, followed by the most shocking of revelations: learning that Lady Gaga deleted her Twitter account this morning.

For those of the 39,000,000+ of you who follow Twitter’s most-followed female on the site, the singer mysteriously scrubbed her entire page of any visual icons.

If you visit the page, all you’ll see is the default egg image as her avatar (Gaga loves representing herself as an egg—Grammys 2011, anyone?), no background and header images with a bio that reads: “This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates.”

Gaga’s been working on her third studio album/MOMA art piece for the past year entitled ARTPOP with an anticipated release date of yesterday (still no release date).

Is Gaga prepping to reinvent herself? Are we in the process of yet another makeover? Whether you like Gaga or not, buckle your seatbelts because contrary to her Twitter page, she’s probably not going away.