Lady Gaga’s Bizarre New Music Leaks

August 6, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga’s Bizarre New Music Leaks

After what can only be factually quantified as LIGHT-YEARS since Lady Gaga has released some new music, something has surfaced.

It’s called “Aura” (and also “Burqa”? Maybe?), a leaked version of a song that’s allegedly going to appear on her upcoming album, the long-awaited ARTPOP. (Some are suspecting that it could even appear in her film debut, Machete Kills by Robert Rodriguez.)

It can't be verified if this is the finished version, but judging by the thrashing-throbbing, slightly unpolished, industrial house beat, there’s no doubt it’s a Gaga track.

UPDATE: Gaga confirmed it's just a demo version and has urged her fans to "take these links down as much as possible."

DJ Zedd is also credited as the track’s producer.

Because of its subject matter, the track has already been met with controversy (naturally, this is Gaga).

In her lyrics, the singer takes the traditional burqa and sexualizes it, something we can only imagine she’ll also do when whipping up a costume for a stage performance.

Gaga’s no stranger to taking on religion and, most recently, Russia-sized countries (i.e., Russia). She got into a Twitter spat with the Russian government yesterday, tweeting against its recent anti-gay legislation.

As far as the song, get into the gritty groove here: