Lady Gaga's Bizarre Dressing Room Demands Revealed

February 6, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga's Bizarre Dressing Room Demands Revealed


This is the most outrageous list of backstage demands since Britney Spears’ “X Factor” fried chicken. But, then again, it is Lady Gaga

Documents from the mama monster’s tour rider have arrived and they’re about as odd as any of her wardrobe choices. Among the list is a mannequin… But not just any mannequin, one with “puffy pink pubic hair.”

The docs, published by Celebuzz, go on and on with the usual celebrity pampering list, like “2 large fluffy lavender towels at all times" and “white leather couches.”

But one section in particular caught our attention. It reads:

“…Gaga like the ambiance that was created in Chicago for the Oprah filming. Glam rock, Black, Silver satin drapes over walls Old Rock Posters from her favorite artists Bowie, Queen, Elton, Billy Joel, Billy Holiday Her favorite Fan art that was kept on the road with us also she wanted a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair…”

No big deal… Just one of those mannequins with the pubes. You know the kind?

Other tamer rider demands (for hotel and dressing room accomodations) include:

    • More lavender towels
    • Lavendar handsoap
    • A small candle for the bathroom
    • A steamer
    • Honey
    • A coffee maker
    • 8 coffee mugs (not teacups)
    • A bunch of organic vegetables

According to the papers, the singer is also in the market for a high-end NYC apartment in the $4-5 million range. So, if you know any, let her know…