Lady GaGa Reveals Strange After Sex Ritual

May 18, 2009 By:
Lady GaGa Reveals Strange After Sex Ritual

If you thought Lady Gaga's outfits are strange, wait til you hear about her morning after ritual!

The 'Poker Face' singer literally peals off a piece of her face and leaves it as a souvenir. The morning after she has sex, she peels off her long fake eyelashes and leaves them on her lover's bed as a keepsake.

She said: "Whenever I have a lover I leave them in their apartment on the pillow. Kind of like a keepsake."

She went on to explain what makes her so different than other singers. She tells Britain's Independent magazine: "There was this one night
where I had had a couple of drinks. I had new material and I had on this
amazing outfit.

"I didn't want to start singing while they were talking, so I
got undressed. There I was sitting at the piano in my underwear. So they
shut up. That's when I made a real decision about the kind of pop artist that I wanted to be. Because it was a performance art moment there and then."

Leaving your old jacked up fake eyelashes for your lover isn't sexy. We don't care how hot you are, peeling off a piece of your eye and leaving it as a "keepsake" is never hot, it's actually pretty gross! Wonder if those lashes are going to start making their way on eBay soon?